The Dota-2 major in Shanghai is just around the corner!

dota 2 shanghai major

CHINA With just ten days left until the 16 best Dota-2 teams clash in the second major tournament ever, it’s time to look a little closer at what we now know about the event. Price distribution is published, streamers are nailed and the organizers have announced that the major will be rounded off with a Dota-2

dota 2 shanghai major

Prize pool:

1. 1 110 000 US dollars
2. 405 000 US dollars
3. 315 000 US dollars
4. 255,000 US dollars
5-6. 202 000 US dollars
7-8. 105 000 US dollars
9-12. 45 000 US dollars
13-16. 30 000 US dollars

The prize pool of this Dota-2 major is actually the same amount as the first major in Frankfurt. Valve has chosen to let these majors have a fixed amount of money in the prize pool: three million. Most likely, the decision has been taken to all majors will be perceived to be of equal worth. The exception that proves the rule, however, the summer’s major, The International, which is believed to remain the major contest where the prize pool increases with the number compendiums sold.

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