Mousesports & CSGL ready for Dream Hack Masters Malmo

mousesports csgl esports

The first of the two European qualifiers for DreamHack Masters Malmo have been settled, and both mousesports and Polish CSGL captured a place each to the 250,000 dollar tournament.

German-based mouse sports and Polish CSGOLounge won their semi-finals of the first European Masters Malmo DreamHack qualifier, which means that both teams secured a place for the major tournament.

Mousesports met G2 eSports, and could, despite an initial overtime loss at Inferno turn the best-of-three game into a 2-1 victory through consistent hard work. On Dust2 Mousesports lost the first half of the map 3-12, but turned to a 16-14 win. The result was almost inverted during critical cache, where mousesports took 11-4 as defenders, but needed the full 14 rounds to close the map 16-13.

mousesports csgl esports

List of participants Dreamhack Masters Malmo

  • Fnatic (SWE)
  • NiP Gaming (SWE)
  • (POL)
  • Astralis (DEN)
  • EnVyUs (FRA)
  • Na’Vi (Ukraine)
  • FaZe Clan (EUR)
  • Luminosity (BRA)
  • Tempo Storm (BRA)
  • CLG (USA)
  • Team Liquid (USA)
  • TyLoo (CHN)
  • Mouz (GER)
  • CLG (POL)
  • Qualifier 2
  • Qualifier 2

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