Olimpiyskiy National Sports Arena

Starladder I-League Invitational – 100 000 dollar

Star Series has just released their new tournament Starladder I-League Invitational #1 which will be held in the Olimpiyskiy National Sports Arena, May 19 to 22. This is a arena with over 70.000 seats – yes, it’s crazy!

Olimpiyskiy National Sports Arena

Top teams in the world will fight for the total prize pool of 100 000 US dollars. The tournament starts offline with 8 teams. The four winners from the offline matches will qualify to the LAN and additionally four more teams will be invited to the arena final.

Of the four invited teams three have already been published. Invited teams from Europe are the home favorites NAVI (Natus Vincere) and polish Virtus.pro. From the american continent Brazilian Luminosity assigned an invitation. This is the full scheduele for the tournament:

  • SL I-League Invitational # 1 Finals
  • Ukraine Natus Vincere
  • Poland Virtus.pro
  • Brazil Luminosity
  • Earth Invite
  • Europe European qualification # 1
  • Europe European qualification # 2
  • Europe European qualification # 3
  • China Chinese quialification

The qualifying for the three European slots will start with four pre-qualifications, played in single-elimination brackets. The winner of each pre-qualify round goes to the online-bracket where they’ll together with the invited teams fight in two groups for the advancement. The winner of each group goes to the finals, and the third spot will be decided after a fight between the second places of the groups.

Below is the matchups for the first European bracket:

  • HellRaisers (EU) vs. Arcade (RUS)
  • Enso (RUS) vs. ALTERNATE aTTaX (GER)
  • Empire (UNKOWN) vs. AGG (POL)
  • eXplosive (UKR) vs. Ancient (SWE)

Below is the scheduele for the four European brackets:

  • Bracket #1 – March 21-22
  • Bracket #2 – March 23-24
  • Bracket #3 – March 25-26
  • Bracket #4 – March 27-28

We don’t have any information regarding the Chinese SL I-League Invitational division but will update it as soon we got the information.

We are very excited about this tournament – you should aswell!

mousesports csgl esports

Mousesports & CSGL ready for Dream Hack Masters Malmo

The first of the two European qualifiers for DreamHack Masters Malmo have been settled, and both mousesports and Polish CSGL captured a place each to the 250,000 dollar tournament.

German-based mouse sports and Polish CSGOLounge won their semi-finals of the first European Masters Malmo DreamHack qualifier, which means that both teams secured a place for the major tournament.

Mousesports met G2 eSports, and could, despite an initial overtime loss at Inferno turn the best-of-three game into a 2-1 victory through consistent hard work. On Dust2 Mousesports lost the first half of the map 3-12, but turned to a 16-14 win. The result was almost inverted during critical cache, where mousesports took 11-4 as defenders, but needed the full 14 rounds to close the map 16-13.

mousesports csgl esports

List of participants Dreamhack Masters Malmo

  • Fnatic (SWE)
  • NiP Gaming (SWE)
  • Virtus.pro (POL)
  • Astralis (DEN)
  • EnVyUs (FRA)
  • Na’Vi (Ukraine)
  • FaZe Clan (EUR)
  • Luminosity (BRA)
  • Tempo Storm (BRA)
  • CLG (USA)
  • Team Liquid (USA)
  • TyLoo (CHN)
  • Mouz (GER)
  • CLG (POL)
  • Qualifier 2
  • Qualifier 2

HeatoN teamed up with B Celebrity for Swedish Entertainment TV-Show

Swedish Counter-Strike legend HeatoN is tonight participating in “Fångarna på Fortet”, a Swedish TV-show, where celebrities team up to compete in different tasks in an old fort.

nip heaton swedish tv esport
B Celebrity Anna Book and Emil “Heaton” Christensen

Fragbite had a quick chat with Emil (Heaton) and asked him about his experience:

“It was really fun actually , it was a childhood dream I’ve had and always fantasized about when I was younger. I always wondered what it would be like to stand there and do everything yourself. It was amazing, says Emil with great enthusiasm.”

I don’t know about you, but we will definitely tune in to watch Emil compete tonight. For all you people living outside of Sweden, I’m sure something will be uploaded to Youtube or to NIP’s facebook channel soon.

dota 2 shanghai major

The Dota-2 major in Shanghai is just around the corner!

CHINA With just ten days left until the 16 best Dota-2 teams clash in the second major tournament ever, it’s time to look a little closer at what we now know about the event. Price distribution is published, streamers are nailed and the organizers have announced that the major will be rounded off with a Dota-2

dota 2 shanghai major

Prize pool:

1. 1 110 000 US dollars
2. 405 000 US dollars
3. 315 000 US dollars
4. 255,000 US dollars
5-6. 202 000 US dollars
7-8. 105 000 US dollars
9-12. 45 000 US dollars
13-16. 30 000 US dollars

The prize pool of this Dota-2 major is actually the same amount as the first major in Frankfurt. Valve has chosen to let these majors have a fixed amount of money in the prize pool: three million. Most likely, the decision has been taken to all majors will be perceived to be of equal worth. The exception that proves the rule, however, the summer’s major, The International, which is believed to remain the major contest where the prize pool increases with the number compendiums sold.