Esport Betting Sites – Bet on Esports with Real Money

esport betting sites approvedEsports is way more exiting when betting on the games you watch, so we created this website listing the best esport betting sites there is. Compared to sports betting, esports is still pretty small, however we are sure the tables will turn in a few years, seeing the rapid growth of the e-sports scene the last couple of years.

At the moment, you can’t find esport bets at all bookmakers, so to be sure your bookmaker offers esport, check out the list below with the best esports betting sites 2016, where you can bet with real money.

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Ranking the best esports betting sites
ranks and lists the best websites where you can bet on esports with real money, and to do so we have set up strict criterias for how to evaluate betting sites. We believe in transparency, so please read some of our criterias and factors below.

What reputation does the website have?

The best thing with online sportsbetting is that rogue websites can’t operate for long before the players spread the word, and the site is out of business. We believe that security is key when betting online whether you visit esports betting sites or a classic sportsbook.

This makes security and the reputation of the website the most important factor when we rank the different bookmakers. If you can’t feel safe when betting on esports, you shouldn’t, so the best way to be a 100% sure you’re choosing a safe esport betting site is to pick one of the sites in our top list above.

What’s the variety of esports?

variety-of games to bet on esportsThe variety and amount of games to bet on is of course vital for our rankings. Just like at a betting site, you want to be able to bet on multiple sports at the same time. A esport betting site with only League of Legends is not providing good value to a player who wants to bet on cs go, so this is also a key ranking factor.

At the moment in a regular sportsbook, you will find that all esports is stacked together in the same section. In the future, we may see that LOL or CS:GO will have their own sections, just like football or rugby. We don’t know about you, but we’re super exited to see the esports betting sites of tomorrow!

Fast withdrawals?

We can’t stress this enough. If you win, you should be able to withdraw your money instantly. Sure we accept that it might take a day or two if it’s the first withdrawal ever made, but don’t give us any hassle with the withdrawals.
We believe in fairness, and that means being able to withdraw winnings from when betting on esports!

Welcome bonus & free bets?

Does the site offer some kind of welcome bonus or free bets? All that stuff is of course nice and all, and a ranking factor. However, it’s not a massive one. It’s more important to offer a secure and reliable environment for gambling on esports than to offer a great welcome bonus.

What’s the terms & conditions?

This is a bit connected to bonus offers but also to the regular terms for the site. For example, what’s the wagering requirement of the winnings from a free bet, or from a esport bonus? How much can you bet on a single game, and will the site limit my account if I win to much? As you can tell, this is very important stuff when picking a site to bet on esport, and since 99% of players never read terms & conditions, we’ve done it for you!

Choose between sportsbooks and esportbooks

Esports betting websites may be traditional sportsbooks who also offer esports, or a website who only focuses on esport. It’s a pretty big difference to be honest, and there are pros and cons with both options. We’ve listed a few of them here.

Pros for esport-first sportsbooks:

  • They usually offer more variety and more games.
  • It’s more likely that 100% esport betting sites will also offer live streams.
  • These websites are usually way more familiar to gamers. Both design and experience are more focused on e-sport.

Pros for traditional sportsbooks:

  • Sportsbooks are not just bigger, they have a history of offering secure bets to millions of people.
  • A traditional sportsbook offers bets on other markets as well. It’s a pro for anyone who likes to bet on a variety of sports.
  • The limits are higher because of the simple reason that they have more money to loose.

In the end, it all comes down to choosing a e-sport betting site who like. When gambling online you need to feel safe and secure and most of all comfortable. You need to be able to bet on esports with real money and your money should be in the safe hands of a serious game provider.

Esports betting bonuses

esport betting bonusThere are at the moment two popular methods the websites are using to attract new players. Both bonuses offer good value, and it’s more a question of taste than value. Depending on what site you choose, you might be able to grab a no deposit esport bonus.

Free bets

This is the most popular bonus form (probably because it’s the only one that can give players a no deposit bonus on esports). It basically gives you one free bet with certain terms. For example, some sites give you a €25 free bet which means you get €25 for free when you register.

However, other sites that offer a free bet of esports require a deposit, and they will pay you back up to €25 if you loose your first bet. It’s more of a risk free bet, but it’s still pretty good. Just remember that these bonuses always come with some kind of restrictions.

Deposit bonuses

No matter what site you choose you will probably find that they offer some kind of deposit bonus for new players. Usually you get 100% bonus up to a limit, which means your deposit will be doubled. Just remember that these kind of bonuses come with wagering requirements, and that you’ll need to wager your winnings before you can request a withdrawal.